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  FemtoFrame-II Transient Absorption Spectrometer


Transient Absorption Spectrometer

FemtoFrame-II is a UV-VIS femtosecond transient absorption pump-probe spectrometer. It is a complete turnkey system, which comes with an optical unit, auxiliary electronics and a PC containing all necessary data acquisition hardware and software. FemtoFrame- II is designed to work with variety of femtosecond laser sources that produce millijoule pulses at kHz repetition rate. With its broad spectral coverage from UV to NIR and the time window of up to 4 ns, FemtoFrame II produces spectral and kinetic data with excellent quality, needed for your investigations of photoinduced phenomena with femtosecond investigations time resolution.

Main Features


> Detection of transient absorption and stimulated emision over a broad wavelength range (200-1000 nm) with sub-10 fs intrinsic temporal resolution
> Fully computer controlled
> Time window of 2-ns (standard) and 4 ns (-DP option)
> Transient Absorption Anisotropy measurements
> Dual-Beam configuration for superb signal-to-noise performance



> Molecular spectroscopy
> Photochemistry
> Photophysics
> Materials science
> Photobiology
> Nanoscience

Key Advantages


> Low cost of ownership
> Easy to use
> Extended spectral range
> Designed by experts in spectroscopy
> Wide variety of aligment tools and accesories

Basics of Operation


The FemtoFrame II is applied in femtosecond or picosecond pump – probe spectroscopy for sensitive measurements of photo-induced absorbance (optical density) changes. A CCD linear sensor is placed behind an imaging spectrograph to measure simultaneously the intensities for multiple wave-lengths of the probe pulses, originating from a femtosecond white light (continuum) generator.
For a given time delay between excitation and probe pulses, consecutive exposures with and without excitation are recorded, allowing to calculate the induced absorbance in the whole usable spectral range, obtaining a broad transient spectrum. The exposure conditions are highly variable by the user allowing great flexibility in matching the individual requirements of the sample.

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