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  The Planetary Environmental Simulator/Test

The Planetary Environmental Simulator/Test



ITL is working with the Canadian space agency NASA to develop a device that simulates the moon/Mars dust environment. The simulator can provide the following environmental factors:
• ultra high vacuum or atmospheric conditions; 
• The moon/Martian dust conditions; 
• VUV/NUV radiation; Thermal conditions/thermal cycling; 
• the darkness.


The product is used to test and evaluate the life cycle of materials and systems of planetary exploration spacecraft, as well as to verify the effectiveness of dust mitigation strategies and systems technology for planetary exploration surfaces. Planetary environment simulator/testing equipment is an instrument that can be used to develop, test and evaluate the life span of materials, mechanical systems, spacesuits, and crew habitats of spacecraft. Basic facilities will contain many environmental sources, surf ace environment to simulate the planets, including dust particles, ultraviolet radiation, temperature and dark, and simple fixture and the test bed can be mechanical testing of planetary rover components. The modular design of the facility will allow for further development of conditions to simulate different planetary environments, including those of Mars, Venus and Jupiter.


New practical applications, technology transfer and business opportunities
related to this technology are based on many innovative capabilities and can
be used in a variety of studies to simulate the moon/Mars environment with
very high interest:
The influence of dust on the thermal control surface; 
Dust, sensitive surface adhesion; 
Space suit fabric, dust and wear; 
The validity of, dust-proof sealing technology; 
By the mechanism of dust, wear and tear.


The simulator facility consists of a stainless steel high vacuum chamber whose end ends are one of the hemispherical foundations. The sample holder/sample transmission system allows ~ 12 "total displacement of the chamber interior and allows for heating, cooling, and thermal circulation of the sample.
                      Sample holder/sample transmission system
Simulator facilities vacuum extraction system can make out any dust, high dust filter including five baffle plate and is covered in fine metal mesh, prevent dust particles from entering the pump "or top and bottom cap" position alternately window.
      Dust particle source house (left), producing dust cloud (right)
The basic dust source consists of a dust source chamber in a lunar/Mars soil simulation vessel in which the dust cloud is formed in a funnel-shaped closed structure. Dust particles are stirred by a paddle actuator to make different configurations of the resulting dust cloud. The system can also be used to simulate the preparation stage of mixed particle dust simulation.


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