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  200B miniPID Fast Response Olfaction Sensor


200B miniPID Fast Response Olfaction Sensor

  The 200B miniPID photo-ionization detector combines small size, fast response, and high sensitivity in an easy-to-use, competitively priced package. Designed for olfaction experiments, the sensor has a true frequency response of 330 Hz with a rise time of 0.6 msec. The detection limit is 100 ppb (parts per billion) propylene in air and the full-scale measurement range is 500 ppm.

The miniPID has been used successfully for numerous olfaction studies involving mice, rats, Drosophila, moths, mosquitos and ants. Researchers and manufacturers have also been using the miniPID to characterize olfactometers.

The sensor head contains the detection cell, electrometer, RF-excited UV lamp and lamp control circuitry. The easy-to-use controller has switches for instrument power, pump speed and gain, and a control for setting the zero. LEDs provide indication of power, pump, and lamp status. A front-panel display provides fast-response indication of the output signal from the sensor.




System Specifications



compact (sensor head measures 1″ x 2″ x 3″)

fast response – 330 Hz (0.6 m sec rise time)

low detection limit – 100 ppb (propylene in air)

high signal-to-noise ratio

ease of use – utilizes RF-excited UV lamp




simple analog output (0 – 10V)

real-time bar-graph display with off-scale indicators

built-in anti-aliasing filter (6th order, 1 kHz, Butterworth)

Optional Support Equipment


calibration kit

data acquisition system

tracer gas release system

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