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  Neutron Generator

Neutron Generator

The new, award winning DD110M is a compact, high yield fast‐ neutron generator that has an integrated or “hybrid” moderator that quickly thermalizes these fast neutrons, resulting in high
thermal neutron fluxes .
The generator and moderator are in the same compact housing that can be wheeled around to different experiments or facilities.The thermal neutrons can be directed to output ports, sample
 chambers or beam collimators.
These generators are revolutionary in that they produce thermal fluxes that are approaching those obtained from research  reactors and national neutron facilities, thus opening up to small laboratories the possibility of applications heretofore  reserved for the larger, more expensive facilities. These generators are well suited to materials analysis, radiography, and  the teaching of nuclear physics. The generator housing can be modified to fit the customer’s application and desired
DD110M Specifications
Fast Neutron Yield 1 x 1010 neutrons/sec  
Thermal Flux 1 x 107 neutrons/cm2/sec 
Thermal Neutron Energy Thermalized from 2.5 MeV 
Scheduled maintenance ≥ 2000 hours
Standard operating mode Continuous
Pulse on demand (option) ≥ 100 µS, to 100% duty factor

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