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  LOIS 3D Pre-clinical Mouse Imaging System
LOIS-3D NIR I & NIR II In vivo 3D Photoacoustic Imaging System
Origin: TomoWave, USA
Model: LOIS-3D
     It can realize the NIR I & NIR II area (650-1050 nm & 1064-2300 nm) small animals body 3D photoacoustic imaging, can be unmarked to vascular morphology of high resolution imaging, the function of the composition of different organizations high specificity test, have important application value in the biomedical field, such as multimodal targeted molecular probes, biological nanomaterials, cardiovascular disease (angiogenesis, myocarditis, thrombosis, myocardial infarction, etc.), hemoglobin, monitoring, early detection and curative effect of tumor, sentinel lymph nodes, brain imaging and brain function monitoring and other cutting-edge research.

  It can simultaneously realize NIR I & NIR II optoacoustic imaging, providing deep tissue optoacoustic imaging

3D spatial resolution220 mmPixel resolution100 mmMaximum imaging field: 40 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm, which can realize 3D photoacoustic imaging of living brain and whole body

The fastest time to complete a full-body photoacoustic imaging scan of a living body is 20 s

Equipped with 128 ultrasonic electronic sensors composed of electromagnetic shield and optical impact protection coating arc array detector, improve the field of vision and sensitivity of ultrasonic signal reception

Contains 4 laser fiber bundles (2 orthogonal, 2 oblique)

Contains 128 electronic channels DAQ data acquisition unit

Imaging depth: 7 cm

Imaging sensitivity: 50 nM ICG

Equipped with gas anesthesia device to ensure the living body is completely under gas anesthesia during the experiment

3D volume, 2D Slices *. Mat or *. VTK output, reconstructed images can be saved in DICOM format

It can be used for in vivo biological distribution study, also can be used for kinetic study (such as blood perfusion experiment, study of drug perfusion and clearance outside and inside tumor, etc.), and equipped with special software to conduct quantitative analysis of data and make kinetic model

LOIS-3D system Principle

LOIS-3D is a full body 3D photoacoustic imaging system designed for living.
• The living body (sample) is fixed on a specially designed animal stage and placed in an imaging chamber with a constant temperature of 37 ° C. The precision rotary motor controls the living body to complete a 360-degree rotation.
• Four fiber bundles are simultaneously excited, and the light energy is absorbed by the living body, and the ultrasonic signal is received by a professionally designed curved array transducer.
• Received ultrasound signals are converted by DAQ data, using dedicated 3D reconstruction software to reconstruct 3D photoacoustic images with high contrast and high resolution.

Molecular probes, biomaterials, cardiovascular diseases (angiogenesis, myocarditis, thrombosis, myocardial infarction, etc.), hemoglobin monitoring, tumor early detection and efficacy monitoring, sentinel lymph node monitoring, brain imaging and brain function monitoring, etc.

LOIS-3D system applications
1、Functional 3D photoacoustic imaging: arteries/veins
2、Nanoprobe contrast agent 3D whole body photoacoustic imaging
3、Tumor 3D photoacoustic imaging
4、3D photoacoustic imaging of the brain
LOIS-3D system Global Users
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center(USA)
Washington University in St. Louis(USA)
University of Houston(USA)
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)
UTMB Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences(USA)
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio(USA)
University of Prince Edward Island (Canada)
University of Torino (Italy)
Sun Yat Sen University(China)
Guangzhou Medical University(China)


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