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  MM-3 Multi Wavelegth Irradiation system


MM-3 Multi Wavelegth Irradiation system



The Model MM-3 is capable of irradiating multiple samples simultaneously ( for example, 11 pcs of rectangular cell 10mm x 10mm ) in each wavelength band of 220-520nm and 400-700nm.


Not only the solid samples but also liquid samples can be irradiated. Since either the irradiation time by the timer or the count number irradiation by the energy counter can be arbitrarily set, the total irradiation time to each sample and the total energy amount to each sample can be known and the wavelength dependence test on the sample can be performed in a short time.



It is possible to test deterioration dependence on wavelength for various samples ( you can see at which wavelength the sample will deteriorate).


■ The Model MM-3 can irradiate the sample in arbitrary wavelength range in the wavelength

rage of 220 ~ 700 nm.


(The wavelength band (width) that can be irradiated simultaneously is about 300 nm.)


■ White light (light which is not spectrally separated) can also be taken out (option )



■ It can irradiate any samples such as liquid samples (drinking water, eye drops, paint)  and solid

(cosmetics, tablets, film, plastic , rubber).


When 310nm is specified

220 ~ 520nm

When 490nm is specified

400 ~ 700nm  

Irradiation area

Approx. 160(W)×17(H)mm

Sample part 1

Irradiation WL band per sample (rectangular cell 10mm ) : approx. 20nm WL

Sample part 2

Interval between samples : approx. 30nm ( between cell holders :15mm)

WL display

Minimum dispaly  1nm

Light source

Xe lamp 300W UV energy enhancing type    reflector    ari cooling

Diffraction grating

1200 lines/mm, 300nm blaze  (MgF2 coating) 

WL dispersion

Approx.  2nm/mm * The value  varies  depending on  WL.

Entrance slit

Width  0 ~ 10mm(continuous variable)  Height  10mm (fixed)

Exsit slit ( option )

Width 0 ~ 10mm(continuous variable)  Height  10mm (fixed)


                          Standard configurations:

                        ●Multi wavelength irradiation system  main unit

                        ●Xenon lamp power  supply

                        ● Timer controller

                        ●Glass filter set for 310nm

                        ●4Glass filter set for 490nm

                        ●Sample mask (2,3,5 10mm)

                        ●Quartz glass cell 10mm x 10mm (11 pcs)

                        ●Quarts cell holder (for 11 pcs cells )

                         ●Monochromatic light extraction mechanism
                         ●White light extraction mechanism
                         ●Power meter for irradiation energy
                         ●Glass filter set ( need to specify WL)
                         ●Sample holder for various samples
                         ・Main unit      : approx.W630×D620×H370mm
                         ・Power supply  : approx. W175×D410×H225mm
                         ・Controller : approx W215×D315×H110mm

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