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  BODYSHAPE Unique Zero Gravity treadmill

 BODYSHAPE Unique Zero Gravity treadmill



BodyShape is a new and unique device that fuses cardio with skincare benefits. This anti-gravity treadmill combines lymphatic system benefits from deep under pressure vacuum massage and infrared heating therapy, thus encouraging weight loss and cellulite reduction. Additional features include aroma therapy, ozone therapy, LED, color therapy and collagen lamp. This device can be programmed for the needs of both beginners or advanced users and is both user friendly and effective at delivering an unparalleled cardio workout experience.


Uniting our achievements in science and engineering, we have created quality products that outperform our competitors and eclipses the benefits of traditional fitness equipment. Through our advanced vacuum compression & infrared technology, our devices activate your body’s ability to target and burn specific areas of fat and cellulite, making it much easier for your body to rid itself of deeply stored fat. The technology used in BodyShape machines has been tested and proven to work. Lose weight and inches and giving you smoother and tighter skin in less than 10 sessions.


  extra functionality

  skin care and physical exercise benefits

  easy to use fitness equipment

  modern designed treadmill



 This zero gravity treadmill combines several innovative technologies in one device. Some of the many benefits include body rejuvenation, weight loss, fat cells elimination, detoxication and relaxation. This equipment is perfect for anti-cellulite treatments for women, helping them achieve results in as little as 8 uses. It is safe and easy to use with several customizable options and programs.



With BodyShape zero gravity treadmill you can burn up to 500-5000 calories in just one session*. All of the latest technologies are built into our devices which help to destroy fat cells and transmit it to energy. Body Shape treadmill will let you lose excess weight, shape your body and get rejuvenation benefits without any required special diet. Great results in minimal time!  BodyShape anti-gravity treadmill should be used as rehabilitation treadmill for orthophysical therapy.




Exercise with this innovative fitness machine is

easy thanks to BodyShape’s intuitive menu.

After just one use you will know

everything about how use

and manage this fitness machine.

Available option with multivision display.













  Latest generation LED display with touch screen.            


  Specially designed graphic interface, intuitive and super easy to use.


  Information display:_

Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Level, Pulse Rate, training time.


  Choose from 6 custom training programs or simply set your own. Multi languages menu


  During training modify parameters according to your needs:

Vacuum massage level, Treadmill incline, Infrared heating sensors, Speed, and other Functions.



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