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  Fuelcell Test System

 Fuelcell Test System

  Description: Fideris Testing System 20 U rack

























 It is our tenet to provide the best equipment and service for our customers. High precision, long instrument service modular structure, Ethernet communication, installation simple operation modular structure and Ethernet communication, make future upgrades/extension simple instrument, an investment, long-term returns low-resistance electrical load, without discharge enhancer. FCPower software user friendly interface, simple operation, the software allows users to use VBScript programming languages such as writing scripts, satisfy their needs of special test free software upgrades, lifelong customer support, free software is compatible with many third-party control equipment.

Fideris has been providing customers with quality service for 24 years and will continue to do so.






System Characteristics

Modular design

Complete test system

Module combination become electronic

Load module system

Temperature control module

Gas liquid control module

Other modules, such as humidifier, back pressure control, etc



Fully customized design to provide you with testing equipment to meet your special needs. The equipment can also be easily expanded/upgraded after purchase, avoiding the waste of equipment resources.


Fideris fuel cell testing instrument is in the fuel cell, catalysts, sensors, materials, and many other closely related areas.Fideris series instrument represents in terms of research, quality control and product testing is the most innovative experimental solutions.



Fideris series instruments include: integrated test system, gas supply system, liquid supply system, gas liquid mixed supply system, hydraulic system supply temperature control, pressure control monitoring system, monitoring system, pressure control monitoring system, electronic load system, humidifier, gas plus hotline, auxiliary input/output system, architecture, modular system and third party equipment.



Fideris series instruments adopt FCpower software to provide users with convenient and intuitive computer control and data processing platform. FCpower software provides fuel cell researchers with the most flexible and powerful fuel cell testing platform. The software includes Settings, controls, security alarms, data collection and processing for all access devices.



Fideris's fuel cell testing system is designed specifically for fuel cell testing. Our fuel cell test station has been in the world should be used in fuel cells and subsystem (the power is  from small to 1 w to above 100000 watts) test, include all chemical material type of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC, SOFC solid oxide fuel cells, etc.), all types (micro, small and large) as well as a variety of fuel type (hydrogen, natural gas, diesel, gasoline, reformate, etc.).


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