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  Josephson voltage standard system

Josephson voltage standard system



1. Introduction


SupraVOLTcontrol (SupraVOLTcontrol) is a 10V Josephson voltage standard (JVS) system developed from the three-way microprocessing control of jena institute of physics and high technology. It makes it easy to calibrate and measure various dc voltages.


2. Applications

Calibration of secondary voltage standard

Calibration voltmeter linearity and precision (between 0 and + / - 10 V voltage range)


3. Specifiction


a. Typical calibration accuracy (compared with secondary Josephson voltage standard)
± 5nV 10V          ΔV/V10V= 5x10-10

b. Typical calibration of standard accuracy of secondary voltage (subject to noise limitation of secondary voltage specification)

± 20 nV 1V    ΔV/V1V=2x10-8
± 20 nV 1V    ΔV/V10V=2x10-8 


c. The thermal voltage of the wire and the reverse switch < 10nV@ all three channels


d. Typical gain coefficient g of an external voltmeter (depending on the type of voltmeter)

Δg/g < 3 x10-7


4. Component


SupraVOLTcontrol contains the following components

1.    Mechanical refrigerating machine with a 10v SIS Josephson junction array and 75GHz microwave electronics mounted on a 19-inch stand

2.    JVS control electronics

3.    Find the EIP578B source for the microwave counter

4.    The giselinavometer ACTS as a zero position detector

5.    Three-way polarity switch

6.    A sensor that reflects temperature, humidity, and air pressure

7.    A host computer with an IEEE interface

8.   2 kW input power compressor unit, GPS 10 MHz reference frequency receiver

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