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  CS Drilling simulator

 CS Drilling simulator



  Whether you are a University, College, Vocational School, Drilling Contractor, Service or Oil Company, the very versatile CS Inc. Full Size Drilling, Workover and Production Simulator is the right fit for all your training and testing needs. CS Inc. will teach and empower your instructors how to proficiently operate and program the simulator with ease according to your unique teaching philosophy and curriculum. Instructor qualification in simulator operation is an important and integral part of a successful simulator training operation. CS Inc. provides several services to assist our client’s instructors. An onsite instructor training course immediately after installation and simulator acceptance testing is provided with each Full size simulator purchase. 


CS Inc. is not just another simulator company. CS has been manufacturing and designing simulators for the energy industry for more than 30 years with simulators running worldwide and in every continent.  


CS is also very keen to the changing teaching environment with regards to new regulation implementation per OGP, IADC, IWCF and WCI and CS simulators will adapt to whatever requirements these organizations demand.  CS Inc is an active member of IADC WellSharp Subcommittee and is also a member of IWCF and regularly attends meetings at these organizations.


Common Simulator Features:

  Multi Phase, Multi Kick Well

Wait & Weight, Drillers Method, Concurrent method 

Low Choke method & Volumetric method

Drilling Practices 

Tripping Operation best practices 

Formation Test 

Leak Off and PIT Test

Bull heading operation  

Regaining Primary well control  

Conventionally circulating fluid/ gas out of the well. 

Reverse circulating fluid/gas out of the well

Pipe handling

Tripping and Stripping Pipe

Cementing Operation (Optional with Advanced Drilling)

Stuckpipe Prevention:  Stuckpipe operational activities

Realtime, Immediate and Ramp Failures

Use of one Standard PC Computer


Advanced Drilling includes but not limited to

  Control of mud properties

Student controlled mud reports

student controlled de-sander                       


Mud cleaner


Shale Shaker

4 active mixing or reserve tanks

Cementing operations in HMI mode.

Directional Drilling Displays: 

Horizontal Projection 

Vertical Projection 

Dynamic 3-D Display 

Menu for selection of bottomhole assemblies 

Survey Selection                

Abnormal Pore Pressure Prediction


CS Full Size Simulators are built with:

Best overall reliability in the industry    

Easy maintenance    

High Flexibility    

Superb realism    

Easy instructor operation    

Most realistic down-hole model 

Multiphase model 

Multiphase kicks, can be gas, oil, water, or combination 

Gas & fluid mixing 

Best gas through choke response 

Realistic migration and expansion    

The best support in the world         

Single point I/O    

Self testing equipment    

Software calibration  

Joystick and Traditional Handbrake



General Training Capabilities

Crew Training    

Drilling Practices and Drilling Operations    

Offshore or Land Operations    

Subsea and Deepwater WellControl (optional)    




Customer Service Groups

The University of Houston-Victoria
Petroleum Training Institute

The University of Texas
Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX)

New Mexico Junior College 
Hobbs New Mexico

Norwegian Petroleum Training Center (NPS)
Bergen Norway-Stavanger Norway


Application area.


Land                                    Ocean


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