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  Ultrasonic Levitator

 Ultrasonic Levitator

1. Introduction


Ultrasonic Levitator is a powerful tool to promote the study of single particle and droplet. Since it can be levitatedin a fixed position without touching the object, the process of the study will not be affected by contact with the surface. The ultrasonic levitator device can be used in a variety of scientific research because of its various optical properties.


2. Features


The standard operating frequency of tec5 AG ultrasonic suspension device in external air is 58kHZ (100kHZ optional), and the standard wavelength is about 5.9mm.

Under the standard frequency (no serious droplet deformation), the largest can be suspended droplets of diameter of about 2.5 mm, minimum diameter is about 1.5 microns. The suspension device is designed to suspend liquids and solids with a density of 0.5-2g/cm3. In a short suspension experiment, the device's 1:10 suspension dynamic range allows a large density of heavy samples.


3. Theory


Ultrasonic levitation technology is a technology that USES the acoustic radiation pressure in the strong standing wave sound field to balance with the gravity of the suspended object, so that it can be suspended stably in the sound field or move in the sound field. The acoustic levitation device comprises all acoustic Spaces that can produce a stable strong standing sound field, including one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional sound fields and standing wave sound fields in gases and liquids.




Study the resonance of typical samples;

Controlled droplet evaporation and condensation of change;

Droplet evaporation of single crystal growth;

The diffusion of gas into liquid after;

Transfer of droplet heat and material and environment;

Melting and solidification process;

Study on critical point of binary system;

Ideal insulating cell characteristics under the condition of study;

The droplet deformation and fracture;

A single fuel droplet combustion;

Light scattering in the tiny droplets.




Reflective material equipped with piezoelectric sensor: broadband sensor can detect the sound pressure amplitude of standing wave;

With free nozzles of the reflector: additional gas nozzle can be suspended around air or other gas sample.

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