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  ATMIS - Radar Simulator


ATMIS - Radar Simulator

ATMIS – Radar Simulator provides a complete range of accurate and complex training facilities for en-route and approach radar control, using off-the-shelf PC's, Windows based, on a user friendly and easy to use interface.

The Radar Simulator covers all levels and types of training (ab initio, rating, validation, on-job-training support, conversion, refresher, competency checks, handling emergencies and unusual situations, etc.) in a radar or non-radar environment, on single or multi-sector exercises. The command interface was designed for speed and ease of use with both keyboard and mouse inputs.

The simulator can be used in non-training applications. It aids in assisting in the planning of new airways or changes in local arrival or departure procedures in an accurate and safe simulated environment. 

ATMIS – Radar Simulator will be operated by local facility air traffic personnel since it is designed for minimal support. It is a self-contained simulator that instructor can turn-on, select training scenario, and conduct training.

  • Description: ATMIS - RadarOverview

realistic radar environment

en-route and approach capabilities

single or multi-sector exercises

ATC-friendly data preparation

covers all levels and types of training

easy to learn and use

integrated with a 3D Tower Simulator

·         Features

  realistic emulation of an-route and approach radar;

multiple simulated radar heads;

simulated Multi-Radar Tracking with direct access to selected radar data;

simulated plots and tracks for each radar head;

simulated radar plots and tracks for PSR, SSR (MODE A, C, S), ADS-B, ADS-C;

Flight Data Processing tools through HMI inputs;

OLDI Support;

ATM Environment and Airspace Design tools;

course and exercise management tools;

students management tools;

support for multi-monitor configurations;

customizable HMI can accurately mimic just about any radar display, from full-color digital to monochrome analog displays;

detailed aerodynamic characteristics for aircraft types;

interactive, precise and easy to use object control for pseudo-pilots;

wind influence at different flight levels and specific meteorological conditions


Range of supported hardware allows system to fit any budget, from full multi-display consoles with  2Kx2K LCD monitors, thermal flight strip printers, custom keyboards and trackballs, to simpler systems using off-the-shelf PC displays, printers and input devices



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