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  CAST Terminal


CAST Terminal


CAST Terminal is the leading multi-agent terminal simulation system, which offers highly flexible and realistic passenger flow modelling and analysis. On the one hand CAST Terminal is used to determine facility requirements and validate new terminal layout designs in order to achieve the highest planning reliability at the earliest stage. On the other hand CAST Terminal offers great potentials to optimise the existing terminal facilities and processes under different operational scenarios



Planning of optimal and balanced terminal infrastructure

Calculation of required number of terminal facilities for future demand

ldentifying bottlenecks and testing mitigation measures

Improving capacity without reducing operational quality

Analysing LOS (Level of Service) and ensuring highest passenger convenience

Identifying the most efficient and cost-effective options

Flexible representation of terminal facilities (rough or detailed)

Import of CAD layouts and various 3D object files

Flexible generation of various types of passengers based on airport specifics sand flight schedules

Possibility of simulating passenger processes in different levels of detail

Analysis of various statistical data (e.g. LOS, queuing and waiting times, utilisation rates, occupation level, etc.)

Realistic passenger behavior in circulation/ waiting areas (crowding and queuing)

Standardised results in the form of graphs/ statistics

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