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  Electron spin resonance (spectrum) instrument (EPR)


Electron spin resonance (spectrum) instrument (EPR)




System composition:

Microwave bridge, Control cabinet (including signal channel, Magnetic field controller), Mgnets, Power supply, such as cavity, and liquid nitrogen temperature unit, ultraviolet illumination system, etc.;



Working principle:

Electron spin resonance spectroscopy (EPR) is a method for detecting unpaired electron samples. Even in ongoing chemical and physical reactions, it can obtain meaningful information on the structure and dynamics of substances without affecting these reactions. When material containing unpaired electrons in the resonant cavity, and then put in the external magnetic field, magnetic field generated by the magnet and the power controller (control), it will happen unpaired electron energy level splitting ( the energy level difference). Then in the vertical direction of the magnetic field and microwave microwave bridge is (produced), when microwave energy equals the energy level difference in front of the narrative, part of the low level of electronic transition will absorb microwave energy to high level, that is to say, electron paramagnetic resonance happened. Then we detect the absorbed energy and further process the detected signal (completed by the signal channel). Finally, the data system outputs.






The main function:

Microstructure information and dynamic information of samples containing free radicals or transition metal ions were detected.




Main USES:

1Chemistry: mainly studies the free radical reaction kinetics

2Physical aspect: it is mainly applied to study the defects of crystal, the optical detection of excited molecular magnetic resonance and the recombination of crystal field and low temperature in single crystal.

3 Materials science: The main application research of catalytic materials of light, the light coating and polymer caused by aging, high polymer performance, gem of defects, the defects of the fiber, laser material, the influence of organic conductor impurities and defects in the semiconductor, the nature of the new type of magnetic material, high temperature superconductor, C60 compounds, corrosion behavior of free radicals in the research

4Life science: Mainly used for spin labeling and spin probe technology, spin capture, biomolecular dynamic properties using saturated transfer technology, free radicals in living tissues and body fluids.

5.In addition to basic theoretical research, EPR has recently been well used in quality control and testing of beer, food, edible oil, tobacco and cosmetics industries.





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