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  Introducing Buzz-o-sonic Elastic modulus tester

Introducing Buzz-o-sonic

  Elastic modulus tester



                   What is it?

                   Nondestructive tester for measuring elastic and damping                    

                   properties and the structural integrity of materials


                   How is it being used?

                   R&D - measure the elastic properties of materials,

                   monitor effects of variables...


                   QA/QC - establish pass/fail criteria, monitor processing       variables, replace slow/expensive mechanical tests, qualify raw materials, testing

 the integrity of finished product against specification, integrity testing of materi-als in service, monitoring of materials during process works


Where is it being used?

Oil and gas, abrasives, refractories, ceramics, metals, poly-mers, composites, cement/concrete, glass, wood, military/defense, automotive, aerospace, alternative energy (fuel cells, wind turbines...), labs and Universities...


How does it work?

Buzz-o-sonic uses the Impulse Excitation Technique (IET) or Ping Test as described in ASTM E1876 and C1259 to determine the elastic properties of materials. In this test, an object is tapped lightly with a special hammer (impulse tool) and the resulting vibrations - natural or resonant frequencies - are measured. For simple shapes such as bars and discs of uniform cross-section, the sample is supported in such a way that only mode of vibration predominates allowing the elastic constants to be easily calculated. For more complex shapes, the resonant frequencies and/or damping characteristics are often used as a quality indicators without the need to calculate the elastic properties.



Clients (partial list)

Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL)          Batelle Energy Alliance (BEA)

M. I. T.                                Ohio Toolworks

Atlantic Diamond Ltd. ConocoPhillips      RHI Refractories (Canada & Austria)    US Naval Warfare Center                 DaimlerChrysler AG

NASA-Glenn Research Center Indian Navy  Shanghai Morgan


Impulse Excitation Technique














Main Features

  Measurement of resonant frequencies ≤50/100 kHz (special certified

  Display of frequency/power spectrum and waveform (see screen shot at 50%scale below).



  Calculation of the elastic properties of the material being tested from its reso-nant frequencies using Buzz-o-sonic and/or our special Excel workbook. Calcula-tions include Young's and shear moduli, Poisson's ratio, and sound and shear velocities. Various systems of units can be used (SI, metric, imperial, mixed)

  Measurement of internal friction (Q-1) based on the logarithmic decrement method for medium to lightly damped materials; and also on the half peak band-width method for medium to heavily damped materials.

  Modular design - for example we include a Quality Control panel that has pass/fail indicators based on control chart data (upper and lower control limits). Control data associated with the waveform and spectrum can be stored and retrieved for each production item.



Competitive Advantages


  Precise and Repeatable - Buzz-o-sonic has been shown to be very precise and repeatable by testing at Oak Ridge National Laboratories*.

  Custom Systems Available - for example, pass-fail criteria can be added for QC purposes. High temperature, cryogenic and semi-automated systems available. Weather proof systems built to customer’s requirements also available.

  Low Cost - standard version runs on ordinary personal computers (Windows only). COSTS AS LOW AS ~½ OF COMPETING PRODUCTS

  Flexible - because Buzz-o-sonic runs on standard PCs and automatically adjusts the layout of the spectrum and waveform graphs to the resolution of the monitor(s), no system is as flexible. Buzz-o-sonic can be run on desktops, laptops, Tablet PCs, rugged laptops...

  Easily Updated - new features added with frequent product updates and up-grades

  Continuous Improvement - as computers, software development systems, and hardware continue to improve, new features will be added at minimal cost.

  Applications – Buzz-o-sonic is designed by a ceramic scientist/engineer active in the field. Buzz-o-sonic is used internally for testing materials for clients and for consulting/development/grant projects with universities and industry. New fea-tures are often added from feedback from clients and field testing.







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