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  Oceanwaves WaMoS® II - Wave and Current Monitoring System

 WaMoS® II is a proven radar-based wave and surface current

monitoring system developed by OceanWaveS GmbH. In

comparison to conventional wave rider buoys and current profiling

devices that generate single point measurements, WaMoS® II

offers the advantages of presenting this information for a broad

area, and in a richer context.

WaMoS® II’s measurements are constantly refreshed while a

vessel is underway, providing real time data relevant to the local

operational area as compared to conditions reported at a closest

available point of reference. High definition images of wave fields

combined with numerical data and intuitive graphical reporting

keep the operator well informed in assessing environmental risk

and identifying safe operational windows.

As a complement to an existing sensor or as a primary system,

WaMoS® II provides higher fidelity information with comparable

accuracy, at lower lifecycle costs.


Proven Accuracy & Reliability

In industry-sponsored trials, data comparisons between WaMoS® II and

wave rider buoys have independently verified its accuracy as well as the

additional value provided in monitoring a full 360° range. WaMoS® II is

presently supporting operational decision making applications including:

offshore construction, diver support, safe helideck operations, and navigation

in extreme current and sea states. Long-term deployments on several

unmanned, remote coastal installations monitoring wave action and coastal

erosion attest to its reliability.


FIG:1 – Three month time series data comparing wave height measurements

obtained by WaMoS® II and a wave rider buoy.





FIG:2 – Mean radar backscatter image overlaid by the surface currents.




FIG:3 – WAMOS® II WAVE RADAR IMAGE WaMoS® II radar image containing an ambiguous stripe-like wave pattern. Arrows indicate two wave systems were detected, one coming from the North-Northwest and one from the West.  





Practical and versatile solutions

sigma S6 WaMoS® II connects to most commercially available

marine radars, enabling customers to extract additional value

and effectiveness from their existing assets. Should it be

required, Rutter provides the option of supplying a dedicated

high performance radar as an input sensor. It is now possible

to combine WaMoS® II with Rutter Inc. sigma S6 Oil Spill

Detection, SeaFusion Data Integration, Ice Navigator™ and

Small Target Surveillance systems.



OceanWaveS Wave and Current Monitoring Systems

Features and Options:

 High Resolution Current (HRC)

 Wave and Current Analysis and Wave Spectra (WaMoS)

 Screen Recording -Screen Shots (.jpg & .png) and Movie Files (.avi)

 Multiple Remote Clients

 Average Surface Current

 Shallow Water Bathymetry

 Sea State Alarms (3)

 Fixed Sites

 Moving Vessels

 sigma S6 Connect




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