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  The Mortar Simulator

 The Mortar Simulator

We are the leading company in the world with developing and producing simulators and training systems for police and defence forces. We started in 1995 with the aim of creating near-realistic simulators for rifles and anti-tank weapons to improve the operational capability of ens-users. Innovative and patented solutions have been developed to provide CO2 operating recoil kits for a wide selection of weapons. In addition to small arms recoil simulators we have also developed and brought to market a unique mortar simulator known as the M-Golf for both 81 and 120mm.
Our simulations products are integrated to actual weapons providing the most realistic experience possible, while being extremely cost effective. A separate group of products are our pop-up targets that can be deployed into firing ranged and do not require any existing infrastructure. 
Over the year our company has exported it products to more than 30 countries worldwide.

60mm, 81mm, 82mm and 120mm mortar simulator M-GOLF
The mortar simulator M-Golf is intended for field training a mortar team to sight aim and fire in conditions close to real firing. The appearance and the operation of the simulator are identical to that of the real mortar. It uses pressurized CO2 gas for propulsion of special non-explosive rounds. The range is brought down to 1:10 scale enabling to use small training field. 
Due to innovative construction, the M-Golf has superior accuracy and it is easy and very cost-effective to use and maintain. The actual size of the barrel opening is smaller than that of the real weapon to prevent accidents with live ammunition.
Different round types by changing the operating pressure are simulated. Microprocessor-based control unit controls the charging of the reservoir and its pressure. Sighting and aiming are calibrated to simulate an actual weapon. The ballistic tables and wind corrections are used for sighting and aiming as in the case of the real firing.
With the 81mm mortar simulator with minimum charge at least 1000 shots and with max charge at least 200 shots can be made out of 10l CO2 gas reservoir. 
With the 120mm mortar simulator with minimum charge at least 850 shots and with max charge at least 170 shots can be made out of 10l CO2 gas reservoir.

Special multi-usable simulation rounds with hardened forepart are used for shooting. In the shell there is specially constructed reservoir for CO2 gas and a container with environment-tally friendly agent to mark the hit on the ground and to simulate an explosion. 
The mortar simulator M-Golf is used by the Many national defence Forces since 1998 and has proved to be very efficient and cost effective training device.

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