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  The Parachute Simulator

 The Parachute Simulator

The Parachute Simulator SOKOL™ is a high-performance e.sigma product for the entire spectrum of parachute operations training. SOKOL™ is a holistic solution, which encompasses all functionalities of a jump, including HALO and HAHO jumps and all types of canopies, including reserve and drop chute as well as pilot chute.
SOKOL™ was specifically developed for the multistage and comprehensive training of all parachute jumpers, from beginners right up to paratroopers, Special Forces and amphibian troops. All the functionalities were developed in cooperation with instructors and professional jumpers.
SOKOL™s modular design and robust steel superstructure enables jumpers to train anywhere, as a single jumper or with a group of other trainees or virtual jumpers. It is also possible to integrate new regions or training locations at  any  time.  Additionally,  SOKOL™  is  capable  of  cross-location  networking  and  interfacing  with  third-party simulators.
All  SOKOL™  simulators  feature  realistic  representations  of  environments,  horizons  and  descent  movements. SOKOL™‘s extensive 3D geo-specific visual databases offer a variety of different terrain options, serving as the basis for all types of exercise and mission planning.
Due to the advanced customization capabilities, it is possible not only to train in numerous terrains, different times of day and weather conditions, but also in realistic environments and mission specific locations, both alone as well as in a group jumping scenario.
SOKOL™ helps you acquire safe and accurate chute control, for a variety of chute and line related malfunctions. You can also practice evasive maneuvers and collision avoidance, as well as training under stressful situation to help build confidence and calm during jumps.
Technical Features
Free Fall & Static Simulation
Realistic suspension of the parachutist in an original sensor armed harness
HALO/ HAHO training
Fast calibration-free setup
Wireless sensors for free fall steering
3D body movement simulation during free fall and static line
Exercise Creation & De-Briefing
Recording and playback of the simulation for briefing/de-briefing
Instructor station with interactive control over training scenario creation and running drill exercises
Real-time observation and monitoring tool for instructor
Communication system for the instructor and multiple trainees to communicate with each other during a jump simulation
Simulation. Visualization. Communication.
Realistic Flight Experience
Accurate parachute dynamics for various parachute types
High resolution head-mounted display with high precision head sensor
Ripcord/ hand/ static line or AAD activated deployment
Realistic suspension during canopy ride
Realistic canopy opening simulation with compre- hensive malfunction simulation
Steering with Risers
Sound simulation for a realistic and immersive jumping experience
Visual simulation of altimeter, compass and GPS Motorized force feedback system for all suspension and steering lines
High Fidelity 3D Databases & Models
Different photo-realistic terrains and drop zones, and accurate 3D models
Option to integrate additional terrains/ models Realistic depiction of weather conditions and day night setting for more holistic training

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