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  Benchtop Flame Spray Pyrolysis System for Nanoparticle Synthesis


Benchtop Flame Spray Pyrolysis System for Nanoparticle Synthesis
FSP process description
Flame Spray Pyrolysis (FSP) is a versatile and cost-efficient production process for nanoparticles. It relies on the combustion of liquid raw materials containing metal or transition metal compounds at temperatures up to 3000°C. Product nanoparticles are formed within milliseconds and collected as a dry powder on a filter. 
Product Nanopowders
FSP typically produces highly-crystalline oxide nanopowders but phosphates and pure metals have been synthesized as well. A typical size range for primary particles is 5 to 50 nm depending on the process conditions. These primary particles form larger agglomerates.   
Examples of product nanopowders include simple metal oxides like TiO2, Al2O3, ZrO2 as well as complex oxides such as YSZ, CGO, perovskites or spinels. Also, noble metal nanoparticles can be made and deposited onto oxide support particles in the flame. For some compositions, surface-coated or matrix-imbedded nanoparticles can be produced.  
Applications of FSP nanoparticles include:
Battery materials
Dental and biomedical materials
Gas sensors
Polymer nanocomposites
Raw materials
The starting materials for FSP are low-cost metal compounds such as carboxylic acid salts, nitrates, or organometallics. These so-called “precursors” are mixed or dissolved in standard organic solvents (e.g. alcohols, aromatics) that provide the energy for the flame synthesis.  
Oxygen is preferably used to disperse the liquid precursor and to complete combustion. A concentric methane-oxygen “supporting” flame ignites the precursor-solvent spray and assures stable combustion. In addition to this, an optional sheath gas (oxygen, air or inert gas) can be employed to envelope the flame and modify the combustion environment.
Main features
Lab-scale flame spray reactor
Low-pulsation syringe pumpfor precise feeding of liquid precursor.
4 mass flow controllers for delivering the process gases: dispersion oxygen, supporting flame methane and oxygen and optional sheath gas.
Automatic flame ignition system.
Flame detector.
Integrated microprocessor and electronic board for process control.
Control software and communication via RS 232.
Glass fibre filter and dry rotary vane vacuum pump for the collection of product powders.
Pressure and temperature gauges for monitoring the filter status.


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