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  The NanoHeat Magnetic Particle Heater


The NanoHeat Magnetic Particle Heater
NanoHeat Brief Description:
    The NanoHeat AC Magnetic Field Nanoparticle Heater is capable of performing Chemistry(calorimetric etc.) and Biological experiments in the frequency range 50 kHz to 1,000 kHz, and offers 69 frequency points (see below) and field strengths up to 56mT rms (79mT peak). The NanoHeat employs continuous linear power control and provides an extremely homogenousand well-defined AC field – please see our website for field map images.
The user defined magnetic field strength and frequency is continually monitored and stabilized to ensure accurate and reproducible experiments. The user interface displays in real-time the actual magnetic field strength and frequency.
The system is computer controlled employing intuitive software; you will be running experiments and collecting data in a matter of minutes. The whole system comprises the Enclosure, Power Supply and Computer, making transport between labs possible.
750mm of bench space is required.
Modular Design for Your Requirements
  The device is modular employing our unique Coil Cassette System so that both Chemistry Coils (25mm inside diameter, working diameter 21mm) and Biology Coils (50mm inside diameter, working diameter 46mm) can be used in the same Enclosure.
Coil interchange takes minutes and the Cassette System ensures coil integrity and reproducible results; the Coil Cassette System ensures that coils retain their geometry and location.
The NanoHeat is designed to work with the Sample Tube/Coil orientated either vertically (as in the photo above) or horizontally. A removable cover at the 'bottom' of the Sample Tube allows access to both ends of the Sample Tube when in the horizontal orientation.
A user can purchase a Chemistry NanoHeat and at a later date add the components to perform Biological experiments, or visa versa.
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Magnetic Field Homogeneity
Please find attached some finite element plots that show the excellent homogeneity of the field in the NanoHeat; the units are mm.The green areas indicate the target field strength (20mT in this case) ± a certain percentage deviation. The ±5% value provides a sample volume of 7.3ml volume.
We validate the use of FEMM with our Probe Gaussmeter (see below) measurements and abinitio calculations etc., and have great confidence in our procedure.
Magnetic Field Strength Control
The NanoHeat uses linear continuous field adjustment to adjust the magnetic field strength. We are aware of some systems that use modulation (e.g. Pulse Frequency Modulation) to control the power i.e for 50% power the system is turned off for half the time in a similar way to a microwave or halogen hob. This produces non continuous heating and usually include harmonics of the main frequency.
RMS vs peak magnetic field strength. For AC systems rms is the correct format to describe power deposition. RMS = Peak/1.414 e.g. 20mT peak = 14mT rms; stating the peak field value is misleading. All NanoHeat values are expressed as Brms.
Sample Holders
Chemistry Sample Holders are included with the NanoHeat and allow convenient loading and positioning of samples for quick and reproducible analysis.
We are also able to manufacture custom holders to your own design if required.
Device Requirements
1. The power requirements are two regular single-phase outlets: 100 to 240v.
2. Cooling. Cooling water can be tap to drain (Enclosure connectors and tubing included) if your supply is stable (min flow rate 1l/min) or a recirculating chiller (min cooling capacity 1,200w).
3. Room Temperature requirements: 5 – 40°C.
4. A temperature monitor is required; the NanoHeat is compatible with all fibre optic instruments. We do not supply these but can recommend fibre-optic instruments if required.

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