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  TissUse Organs-on-Chips System
   TissUse Organs-on-Chips System
.       The TissUse system enables human cells to be cultured so that they mimic the structure and function of human organs and tissues.Allows for single-organ and multi-organ experiments with real-time control over cell culture conditions to mimic in vivo physiology.It can quickly and easily create three-dimensional living tissue and automatically control microfluidics, providing a long-term yield cell culture basis for information-rich analysis.
TissUse Series – Key Features
TissUse combines flexibility in cell type and culture format for Organ-on-Chip
experiments in a robust, easy to use instrument
Simple, flexible preparation of on-chip organ-mimetics TissUse open-well MPS plates are compatible with commercial inserts, tissue-specific scaffolds and scaffold[1]free cultures for easy scaling and on[1]boarding of validated or bespoke model systems.
 Design of experiment that fits your research needs
Easy seeding, dosing and sampling of cells and culture media in TissUse open[1]well MPS plates. No PDMS components reduces non-specific binding giving you confidence in your results.
Long-term experiments, minimal user input
Automated microfluidics and flexibility over inter- and intra-organ flow rates enable longitudinal control over cell culture conditions, mimicry of dynamic biological processes and control of on-platform pharmacokinetics – at the push of a button.
 Your cells are precious, and so is your lab space TissUse is a streamlined, low-footprint instrument compatible with the TissUse suite of MPS plates enabling a single investment for a lifetime of high quality data-rich experiments.
application area
Drug target discovery for e.g. neuro, immune, metabolic diseases
Biomarker discovery
Personalised Medicine
Replacement of animal testing
Clinical trials in a dish
Regulatory testing:
drugs, tobacco, cosmetics, chemicals


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