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Detailed Specification of the ALTRASPIN 3D-Printer System

Reference: 3D-Printer-Altraspin-Specs

Microlight3D is a supplier of 3D microfabrication system and processes.

Our Altraspin 3D-Printer is based on a two-photon polymerization process that can produce any 2D and 3D structures in transparent, polymers, photoresists, biocompatible materials and bio-materials. The Altraspin printer is an all-in-one system that includes a laser and the associated high precision optics, the high precision sample moving stages, the sample holder, and all the driver and computer boards. The system comes with our advanced large-area 3D- printing software.

The Altraspin System offers full hardware and software capabilities for the realization of your most complex micro-parts.


Critical parameters of the Altraspin 3D-Printer System

Writing resolution, in plane (XY) Selectable from 0.2 to 1 µm

Writing resolution, vertically (Z) Selectable from 0.6 to 3 µm

Writing area                 120 x 75 mm2

Writing area without stitching 300 x 300 µm2

Writing height                 290 µm

Position resolution         2 nm

Position repeatability         4 nm  (fabrication) / 700 nm (replication)

Writing speed at full resolution 0,1mm/s  (up to 1mm/s as an option)

Equipment composing the Advanced 3D-Printer System

Laser module                 532nm, picosecond pulsed

Camera high resolution        1600x1200 pixels, colour, 1”, 12 bit

Objectives (to be selected 20x/0.75, 40x/0.95, air objectives,

Auto-focus                 Auto-focus system installed for large area manufacturing (resolution +/-100nm)

Interface                 23” flat screen, bluetooth Keyboard & mouse, Joystick

Software installed in the computer -Windows 10 OS (64 bits)

                        -3D slicing laser-path calculation software, compatible with any CAD files (stl, step, off…)

                        -Machine control software with easy HMI, allowing for: micro-objects replication and long- range stage control, autofocus over the whole replication area, compatible with motorized microscope, compatible with Python plugins for customized microfabrication procedures.

Sample holder                 For standard 76x26mm and 24x24mm substrates; can be customized for any size up to 100x75mm2

Anti-vibration system         Incorporated to the system

Polymer Material

ORMOCOMP + photo-initiator Medium resolution, high young modulus, bio- compatible

Starting kit                 2 x 1ml, of the above material,

                        One set of 100 substrates (24x24mm2)

Consumables                 Above materials available in 1ml and 5ml bottles (ask company for pricing and delivery)


Safety                 -Laser shutdown installed for eye-safety

                        -CE compatible equipment

Documentation         -Installation and starting notes

                        -User manual


Installation                 Turn-key ready

Training                 Two days of training on the machine at the customer’s place

Acceptance                 The customer can duplicate by itself, at the end of the training period, objects similar to the demonstration-samples.


Equipment                  -One year free on all parts.

                         -Additional two years as an option.

Software                  -One year after-sale service, plus free upgrade, on all software parts.

                         -Additional two years as an option.

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