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  4D Lifetec
A highly accurate high throughput comet assay platform
Variability within the Comet Assay(CA) is a major issue, due to differences in parameters within CA protocols, such as agarose concentration, time of unwinding, electrophoresis duration, voltage gradient, temperature of electrophoretic run, the type of electrophoretic tank used and the lack of adequate biological reference standards(1). These inevitably lead to inter-laboratory differences in results.
4D Lifetest TM technical
√ Easy to operate, easy to use
√ Provide precisetemperature control
√ Patented, highly uniform and controllable electric field
√Development of 96-well gel positioning plates (GSP) allows for high penetration analysis
√Flexible, affordable, low cost
Comparative comet assay experimental set up
14DLifetank VS Commercial system
To prove the accuracy of the 4DLifetank, we chose the benchmark commercial CA electrophoresis unit and ran paralle lCAs. Using the commercial reference cell standards C0 (untreated) and C1- C3 (representing treated cells within creasing DNA damage), we ran the CA using the manufacturers recommendations (Table1). Images were acquired using a Zeiss Axio microscope (100 comets counted per replicate), and analysed using OpenComet plugin for ImageJ software.
 2Variability assessment of the 4D Lifetank™
To assess for possible CA variability, we compared the mean % tail intensities achieved between: a) spots ;b) plate sand; c) days the experiment was performed in.
3Optimized protocol:
We addressed each parameter listed in the flow chart (below) to optimize the 4DLifetestTM CA protocol (Table1).
44D Lifetank optimization 
To assess our optimized CA protocol, we ran the commercial biological reference standards on the 4DLifetank using our improved protocol. As an additional step to increase the range of DNA damage in cells and demonstrate performance of the 4DLifetank, we created a set of biological reference standards. Ionizing radiation is a reliable and robust damaging agent, therefore X-ray irradiated A549 cells (0-12Gy) were used and run on the 4DLifetank.
Application field
ü Single cell gel electrophoresis
ü DNA damage research
ü Comet experiment
ü Genetic toxicology
ü apoptosis
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