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  3D In Vivo Fluorescence and Bioluminescence Imaging System
Origin: France / VILBER LOURMAT
Model:  NEWTON 7.0
          CCD camera with the latest generation of deep cooling, dark current 0.0001e/p/s@-90°C, faster cooling and longer life
           f0.7 super lens, which greatly increases the amount of light per unit time, thus effectively reducing the exposure time, especially for bioluminescence imaging
          Fluorescence imaging uses a high-intensity pulsed LED source, multi-channel, and each channel uses two independent sources with higher excitation intensity than halogen lamps. Excitation uniformity ≥99% based on scanning method
          10-bit emission filter wheel with 9 dedicated narrow-wave filters for a wide range of dye detection needs
          With a CCD camera & light source that can be raised and lowered, the X- and Y-axis moving stage can realize three-dimensional control, especially to meet the needs of local imaging of mice, get more details.
          Topography and Tomography imaging technology for 3D imaging and precise positioning of signal sources
Application Field:
It can be applied to fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging in mice, cell migration tracking in vivo or in vitro, signal superposition, simultaneous display of multiple reporter genes; application to tumor development, stem cells, immune related diseases, metabolic diseases, drug metabolism and diseases Related molecular mechanisms and other research. It can satisfy fluorescent dyes such as GFP, YFP, Pro-Q Emerald 300, Sypro-Ruby, FITC, DAPI, Alexa Fluor 680, 700, 750, Cy3, Cy5, Cy5.5, Cy7, mCherry.
Technical parameters advantages:
CCD camera:
The latest generation of deep refrigeration research 0-level CCD camera, 0 defect, resolution: ≥ 2160 x 2160
Photosensitive range: 400~900nm
CCD dark current: ≤0.0001e/p/s, readout noise ≤2e/p/s
Optical lens: V.070 electric control, aperture value ≤0.70, improve the amount of light per unit time, especially suitable for bioluminescence imaging
Detection sensitivity: bioluminescence is fg level (about 50 bioluminescent cells), fluorescence detection is pg level
Fully enclosed black box:
Black box: Fully automatic control, the camera can be moved up and down on the Z axis, and the stage can be moved by X and Y axes to realize three-dimensional adjustment.
Excitation source: pulsed LED source, covering the dark blue to near infrared range, each wavelength contains at least two independent excitation sources (selectable scan or non-scan excitation mode)
Light source life: LED long life, guarantee more than 90% output in 5000 hours
Filter wheel: 10-position emission filter wheel, dual magnetron sputtering coating filter, suitable for spectral range: 400~900nm
Anesthesia & Breathing Apparatus:
Anesthesia system: anesthesia for experimental animals (inhalation of isoflurane), all stainless steel gasification tank for oxygen and isoflurane mixing
Anesthesia control: with digital flow control meter, precise control of the amount of isoflurane mixed with oxygen, visual display, showing the amount of oxygen consumption has time and other information
Anesthesia output: dual output, compatible with two devices at the same time, each output channel has a separate flow control meter, one for controlling the anesthesia box and one for controlling the respiratory circulatory system
Breathing device: Animal breathing device can be single interface, three interfaces and five interfaces. Up to 5 mice can be simultaneously anesthetized or single interface for rat anesthesia.
Exhaust gas recovery: loaded with ≥1kg of high-quality adsorbent, can adsorb ≥200g isoflurane
Temperature control device: mouse temperature control station, long-term control of constant temperature, so as to avoid the temperature loss of mice under anesthesia
Acquisition & Analysis Software:
          PPS STUDIO function, covering more than 40 experimental methods, and containing relevant excitation and emission information of various dyes or fluorescent probes, including: GFP, YFP, Pro-Q Emerald 300, Sypro-Ruby, FITC, DAPI, Alexa Fluor680, 700, 750, Cy3, Cy5, Cy5.5, etc.
          3D imaging capabilities for 3D graphics for intuitive source location
          With multiple camera modes, the continuous shooting function can superimpose signals, especially for weak signal samples.
          Method-driven program that can be called automatically, without the need to repeatedly adjust the camera program for automatic imaging
          With quantitative analysis function, get the signal strength, area and other related values

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