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  Enapter Electrobath

Enapter Electrobath

The field production of hydrogen Enapter electrolyser is the best door to the hydrogen economy. Very modular, flexible stacking, very simple. Efficient deployment, strong scalability. Our patented anion exchange membrane electrolyser does not require precious metals, but also has excellent performance and life. Simple balance features allow us to produce pressurized hydrogen at very low cost.

Main Features

high efficiency

Low water purity requirement

Available rainwater or tap water

Enapter's electronic manufacturing services

Easy installation and low maintenance cost.

Modularization, flexible stacking to form large electrolysers.

Up to four EL 2.0 and one dryer 2.0 can be combined in a 19-inch cabinet, which can be assembled by Enapter or other qualified partners. Our AEM electrolyte is a low-cost and high-performance hydrogen production solution ranging from 0.5 standard cubic meters per hour to 10 standard cubic meters per hour.

Enapter's unique energy management system makes it easy to integrate any energy source.

The construction module of the system. 

Enapter can be easily monitored and controlled. All hardware as well as third-party hardware can also understand the system at a long distance.

Its operating environment.It can be filled with WMP or other clean water.A pump system is attachd to the inner part to supply the electrolyser. 

The size of cabinet body is 8U.

The Enapter cloud combines data from connected devices and sites, and uses machine learning algorithms to provide online analysis, reporting and monitoring.

The application program is the interface between the end user and the device.


Messaging Network Server Node Transport Layer Security Protocol Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Expressive State Transfer of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP REST)

Network Client

It allows systems to be set up, managed and monitored anywhere in the world.


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