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  Skin flexibility tester

Skin flexibility tester product introduction:

Characteristics of skin tissue elasticity and softness test analyzer system:

BCT2000 tissue softness measuring instrument is used to measure the organization in a certain areas of the skin or gel appeal to force under the action of deformation and the ability to recover, the measuring sample types include human and animal skin, scarring and callus, artificial gel and implants, artificial organs, rubber membrane, a variety of materials such as plastic film.

The main advantage

1. The measurement of skin elasticity is non-invasive and will not damage the skin or materials

2. High resolution laser (um) and negative pressure (mm and millibar) sensors are used

4. The measurement method is simple and fast, and the technical cost is low

5. Real-time graphic update on the screen can automatically calculate and display measurement results

6. Simple touch screen interface, simple test process

7. The system is a portable lightweight system, which is easy to carry and can provide real-time data and results

8. Stress-strain calculation, normalized area and sample thickness are optional

9. A variety of applications, including skin, soft tissue and wound healing, gel materials, membrane materials, etc

10. The software used for input and analysis test is compatible with Windows system and can be directly connected to the printer for printing

11. More than 70 important literatures were applied

The main parameters

1. Sample data acquisition rate: 10 Hz

2. Linear negative pressure increasing rate: 10mmHg/second

3. The zui system has a large negative pressure: 150 mmHg

4. Pressure sensor resolution: 0.01mmHg

5. Vacuum pump air pressure range: 1 ATM (standard atmosphere)

6. Laser resolution: 3um

7. Laser vertical displacement range: 0-25mm

8. Power input 100-240v

9. Power output 24V/ 2.91a

10. Dimensions: 12 inches x10 inches x6 inches (30.48 cm *25.4 cm *15.24 cm)

11. Weight: 7.7kg


Differences in skin elasticity among healthy people

. Investigation of skin aging factors

Elasticity of the skin under pathological conditions

Effects of cosmetics and lasers on the skin

Real-time elasticity measurement of skin and gel tissue

Real-time measurement of skin and gel hardness

Analysis of the elastic characteristics of the skin in the early stages of wound healing and wound healing

Non-destructive measurement of intact human skin, wound and elastic material


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