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  Fuel Cell Stack Assembly Press

Fuel Cell Stack Assembly Press

The assembly quality of fuel cell stack has a very important influence on the performance of battery. Reactor assembly process will affect the internal resistance of the reactor and the uneven distribution of fuel due to stress.

Now our company provides a fully automatic fuel cell stack assembly press, which can realize fast fuel cell stack assembly. And can be customized according to customer requirements.

Stack Assembly Press ─ 50 to 120 kN


Stacks are typically built against 3 alignment guides, using gravity to maintain alignment.

Long stroke press includes removable retaining bars to prevent buckling of stack under load.

With a large press surface, these pivot presses allow the greatest adjustable angles of tilt and recline, and are great for building longer stack assemblies.

Servo-driven press can maintain force as stack compresses, or hold fixed height for spring-loaded assemblies.

Includes pedestal console for operation  

Custom leak test interface is included in tooling

Hydraulic control of pivot angle (elevation)

Specifications Needed 

Dimensions or outline of stack, with indication of alignment datums (if known). We’ll design key parts of the press around your stack and the datums you’ve defined.

Desired stroke, or height of finished stack

Desired force capacity (50 to 120 kN)

Desired tooling tilt angle (up to 40°)

Footprint or height limitations

Available power


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