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  Veterinary slings for injured horses

Veterinary slings for injured horses

Design features:

Support for a complete skeletal system, including the head

Fault free assembly of color coded attachment points

Design performance and better quality

Purpose and use:

Developed for veterinary teaching hospitals, veterinarians, rescue teams, emergency workers and individuals

Provision of support during rehabilitation, rehabilitation and recuperation

Air rescue


All our horse slings are of one size.

So, if you buy a large Anderson strap, he / she can also buy a midbelly and hindquarters support.

This framework enables him / her to recover, save or care for a wider range of animals. The little Anderson sling uses the same frame.

However, small sling components are designed for 400-600 pounds of small animals and are not necessarily interchangeable with large or middle slings.

The sling package includes the following items:

Frame hoist

Abdominal support

Chest support

Rear 1 / 4 support

Mask / bondage

V-Clip tension release tool

Training belt-color coded to frame and snap hook

Complete picture site guide

What size do you want?

The tuba is about 1100 pounds.

Medium-about 800 to 1100 pounds.

The small size is about 400 to 800 pounds.

A foal of about 400 pounds.


To successfully support an animal, it takes at least 10 feet from the hoist to the ground.

The recovery position must be structurally healthy to support the weight of the animal and any possible behavioral accident or accident.

Respect the strength and power of animals.

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