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  Rider movement analysis-improve your riding and horse movements

Rider movement analysis-improve your riding and horse movements


Can be used in dressage and obstacle training.

The way a rider rides on a horse will have a dramatic effect on his health, ability and development.

Our rider analysis system is designed for all levels of riders to help improve the rider's position and the way the horse moves forward.

With the help of a high-speed camera (20 times faster than the human eye), the position of the rider and the way the horse walks can be analyzed constructively.

Russell himself is an avid rider who helps riders improve their position and horse performance around the world.

Russell's passion and easygoing personality will relax you and make sure you get the best results in your training.

We have a variety of options, we have very popular dressage and obstacle training. 

Advantages of rider analysis-obstacles or dress-up steps:

Instant visual feedback.

Step by step assess the position of the rider and the way the horse travels.

Practice over and over again to help improve position and understanding.

Riders can see the difference before and after training

A professional and experienced explanation of the position of the rider and the way the horse travels

Detailed feedback forms provided after training

Riders of all levels can participate-from the equestrian club to the grand prix

It can help improve your dressage and obstacle skills.

Motivating riders

Identify the rider's weakness in position

From an image taken by a knight clinic, the screen on the left is before analysis, and on the right is after the training analysis.

How it works:

The riders were asked to wear a visual training jacket and perform a series of movements, and then we analyzed the high-speed video file-where riders could see their movements immediately-using complex software. The position of the rider and the manner of the horse can be analyzed.

From here we choose the key areas of our work.

The system combines the use of training and video analysis, which is a key aspect of our system because it allows riders to see improvements immediately.

An important advantage of working with us is that you work with riders, coaches, and regular competitors, so we understand the difficulties of riding, so we have an understanding of getting better positions and ability to ride.

Russell is a British CC coach who has competed in equestrian steeplechase and dressage.

He has conducted extensive research on rider positioning and saddle mounting, in addition to collaborating with the World Class and Senior Talent Program of the British Equestrian Federation. 

This photo is taken at the horseman's analysis during the training

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