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  ZAMAR Heat and cold circulation physiotherapeutic instrument

ZAMAR Heat and cold circulation physiotherapeutic instrument 

The stable physiotherapy instrument is a new product based on field experience.

Increase refrigerating capacity
Provide all necessary accessories for treatment.
Easy transport (with wheels)
High strength (steel plate treated and varnished)
Dust-proof filter to prevent condenser from clogging
Zamar horse therapy is usually used in competitions, but its benefits can also be experienced in daily use.
All riders can use this advanced method to treat tendon and muscle problems before and after the race as well as in routine therapy.
Highly recommended by veterinarians.
ZAMAR equipment has been tested and used by experienced veterinary clinics that serve national and international competitions directly.
The results show that the device has rapid therapeutic recovery, simple and versatile.
Numerous pathological conditions caused by the extreme work of trauma or musculoskeletal devices can be found in every exercise.
The ZAMAR device has been tested in many ways and has been tested in all equestrian events.

Here is a list of the diseases suffered by sports horses after a particularly intense race, which are treated with ZAMAR instrumentation:

Muscle / tendon contracture and injury
Inflammation and swelling caused by pressure and strain.
Pain and weight caused by muscle strain;
Lactic acid stagnation
Hematoma and extravasation are caused by contusion, trauma and tissue damage.
The effect is very good.
Great appreciation was expressed for the possibility of individualized therapy to treat the injured / inflamed site: cold and hot therapy, alternate circulation of heat and cold, and massage
Traditional treatments (ice or sugar bags) do not guarantee temperature stability during treatment.
ZAMAR has developed a new approach that represents a safe, unambiguous approach to cold / heat therapy.


Continuous programmable temperature (cold, hot)
Highly effective circulation and muscle relaxation
Avoid the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and other drugs to avoid side effects
Safe and effective treatment is highly innovative compared with older methods (washing, ice or sugar gel)

Zamar stability specification:

Easy to carry portable devices with wheels, Easy to transport, and optional wheelbarrows with shelves. 
AA model version
Voltage 230-1-50 Hertz
Control panel
Setting of processing time, temperature and pressure
Coolant is non-toxic
Temperature and time alarm indicators
Cold / hot operation mode
The temperature range of condensation point is -5 to 10.
The temperature range of the thermal point is from 30 to 45.
Work and pause time can be adjusted.
Maximum 60 minutes.
Adjustable massage 


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