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  E3500 Series Multiple Spot Optical Tweezers Systems

E3500 Series Multiple Spot Optical Tweezers Systems

The E3500 Optical Tweezers System is a fully functional computer controlled unit for the multiple spot trapping and manipulation of micron sized particles. It is designed to be attached to high quality commercial instruments, upgrading them to Photonic Force Microscopes, especially useful in mechanobiology experiments and biomechanics.

The ease of use and flexibility of the system allow many optical trapping experiments to be undertaken. In biophysics for example, with applications such as cell sorting and microrheology. In chemistry, for colloid research, and in physics for particle spectroscopy.


Fully independent control of multiple optical traps

Cell manipulation using PC controlled acousto-optic beam steering optics or microscope XY stage

Graphical user interface for mouse control of optical traps

Z trapping using microscope focus stage

Linear or circular trapping arrays with variable spacing and rotation

Multiple independent arrays

Attaches to microscope camera or epi-fluorescence port

1070 nm fibre laser with variable power

High speed camera


Model E3500 Optical Tweezers System comprises:

oOptical module with microscope interface

oAcousto-optic beam steering optics

o1070 nm laser with power monitor and display

oElectronics module with AO modulator drivers and computer interface

oComputer with electronics interface modules

oComputer monitor

oGUI control software

oHigh speed video camera

oLaser blocking filter


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