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  Weather Radar Calibration System

Weather Radar Calibration System

With innovative calibration technology, obtaining reliable high-quality weather radar data in a cost-effective way becomes feasible. The Swiss made dual-polarization radar target simulator, specifically developed for the needs of the weather radar community, generates radar targets with unprecedented accuracy.
High-precision radar target simulator is able to quickly generate a virtual reference target with pre-defined Doppler, range and polarimetric character-istics. In addition, every individual radar pulse can be logged, leading to a complete weather radar test suite for the measurement of pulse widths, phase and frequency, antenna pattern, Doppler properties, pointing etc.
Off-the-shelf transceiver hardware is combined with specifically engineered dual-polarization HF front-ends. Received radar signals are downconverted over several stages, digitized, modulated, delayed and retransmitted in perfect correlation to the desired virtual target properties.


•Selectable and calibrated radar cross section and Doppler velocity
•Selectable and calibrated dual-polarization target properties (Zdr,
•High Doppler (0.1 ms-1 ) and reflectivity (0.5 dB absolute, 0.2 dB differential) accuracy
•Control via graphical user inter-face
•Comprehensive pulse analysis capability
•Portable and outdoor proof
•Optional radiometer capability

•Currently tested for X-band, C- and S-band under development 

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