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  Synthetic aperture radar

Synthetic aperture radar

                          WSMS - All-weather synthetic aperture radar system

For more than 20 years, our fascination to explore the universe has been the driving force behind our development of advanced radar systems for space air and ground.

RST ist proud to offer world-leading radar technology that meets a broad range of business activities, from aerospace to geophysical science.

optimisation of global exploration systems (German satellite reconnaissance SAR-Lupe and the technology of the subsequent system)

development of airplane and helicopter radar (SAR, Radar Altimeter and GPR)

application-specific GPR solutions for industry and organisations 

Our team of specialists works together to create the perfect solution for every challenge. From innovative custom-design to extensive consultation service, your project will be expertly guided and supervised from start to finish. On behalf of the entire RST team, we guarantee continuous quality assurance and cost effective solutions. 

At RST a team of top-class specialists provides expert advice in all kind of aspects of high-tech radar systems.

Product advantages

RST is specialized to SAR, RA, GPR

Mostly we develop products needed, but not yet available on the market

Our engineers were involved in the development of satellite SARs like ERS-1/2, X-SAR, and last but not least in the German SAR reconnaissance satellite constellation “SAR-Lupe”

Our new product is an airborne SAR sensor “WSMS” optimized for surface monitoring

We are experts on “Design to Cost” and hence WSMS is an affordable sensor with a high performance to cost ratio


Seaside operations like

recognition of potential polluters (ship-detection)enabling a more economic observation of huge sea areas and shipping routes (possible 16,000 qm² pro hour)

Monitoring of ship movements in coastal regions

Sea border control and coastal monitoring also to fight against illegal immigration and smuggle

Debris detection, SOS rescue operations

Landside operations like

Land border control by using the 40km width sight

Area observations



RST’s WSMS is an airborne SAR sensor focused to medium resolution monitoring purposes

Sea surface pollution detection, Ship detection, debris detection

Ground monitoring

It can be integrated into small airplanes and UAV/UAS

Implementation in existing aircrafts as well as complete special mission aircrafts can be delivered (with a partner)

It is a cost effective Radar sensor

Upgrades under investigation:

Single-Look resolution of 2.5m

Interferometric SAR for Topographic surface Models generation

SAR-MTI Configuration


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