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The ice detection sensor IDS-20, in the shape of a cube or of rods, is used for the reliable and precise measurement of icing in aviation, for wind power plants, high voltage power lines, cable cars, antennas, overhead wires, streets, buildings and constructions and wherever the formation of ice constitutes a potential risk.
Measuring principle
The innovative ice sensor makes use of the different physical characteristics of air, water and ice at varying frequencies. Measuring the complex impedances within the medium around the sensor the IDS-20 is able to distinguish between water and ice and hence recognise the formation of ice.
Increased data quality due to plausibility check
The formation and accretion of ice depends on specific climatic conditions determined by the state of the air temperature, hymidity and the temperature of the surface, where the ice adheres to.
Now, the unique and very valueable feature of the IDS-20 is that it additionally considers meteorological data for the purpose of a plausibility check:
Parallel to the ice sensor the system measures the air temperature and humidity and thereof calculates the dew point and frost point. The sensor system then uses these data for a plausibility check together with the ice values measured. Therefore, it is possible to qualitatively increase the reliabilty of the measurements and improve the ice detection results.
 Features and advantages
99Detection of icing and freezing rain
99Distinction between ice and water
99Ice detection: 0.01 mm to 80 mm ice thickness
99Different sensor versions according to specific applications - cube and rod sensors
99Very reliable measurement results due to plausibility check
99Suitable for existing and new systems, easy and quick installation
99Maintenance-free operation, low power consumption
99Parameters measured:
- icing
- rain
- dew point, frost point
- air temperature and humidity
99Analysis: Quantity and duration of icing events
IDS-sensors, ice detection measurement
Sensor types
cube sensor 5
cube sensor 1
rod sensor 80
Measuring range ice thickness
0.1 ... 5 mm
0.01 ... 1 mm
1 ... 80 mm
0.7 kg
0.7 kg
2.3 kg
560 mm
560 mm
580 mm
IDS-sensor, meteorological measurement
Dew point
-20 ... +20 °C
Frost point
-20 ... +20 °C
Air temperature
-40 ... +60 °C
Air humidity
0 ... 100 %
0,715 kgs
Dimensions (mm)
310 x 120 x 165 (H x W x D)
3.6 kg
Dimensions (mm)
318 x 208 x 132 (L x W x D)
IP 66
Operation temperature
-40 ... 60 °C
Power supply
ice sensor: 10 ... 28 VDC | heating: 24 V AC/DC
Power consumption
active measurement: 50 mA at 12 VDC | heating: max. 7 A at 24 V AC/DC
Icing: SDI-12; RS 485 (Modbus)
three relay-outputs: rain, ice, failure
integrated lightning protection; integrated overvoltage protection

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