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  High Temperature Elastic Modulus Test System

High Temperature Elastic Modulus Test System

Buzz-o-sonic is a professional system for measuring the dynamic elastic and damping properties of materials, using the impulse excitation technique (ping test). It is the most cost effective and flexible instrument available. According to independent research at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, it is also one of the most precise. Custom designed systems for QA/QC, high temperature measurements, vacuum, and other applications are available.Bars of uniform cross-section and discs can be tested as per ASTM E1876/C1259

1.1 Hardware

1.1.1 Furnace unit BUZZ2250CC

Vessel:                              vertical, stainless steal, water cooled
Inside diameter:                       750 mm
Total height:                          680 mm
Pressure:                            min. 10-3 mbar – max 1 bar (at room temperature)
Heating element:                     graphite mono block
Diameter:                            240 mm
Height:                                    320 mm
Max. Temperature:                  2250 °C
Insulation:                            high-quality carbon insulation

1.1.2 Furnace Control and Power unit

Mains :                                    220 V, 50 Hz (or 60 Hz depending from customer)
Maximum power:                            12kW
Thermocouple furnace:            Pt vs. PtRh10% (Type S) With this thermocouple it is possible to measure the temperature from room temperature up to a max. 
working temperature:              1620 °C Or tRh 6% vs. PtRh30% (Type B)With this thermocouple it is possible to measure the temperature from 600°C up to the temperature : 2250°C
Temperature control:                Eurotherm 2408
Over temperature control:        PtRh6% vs. PtRh30% (Type B) Thermocouple Eurotherm 2116i Alarm unit
Power control:                              Thyristor unit – Phase Angle Firing

1.1.3 Vacuum unit

The furnace is foreseen with a vacuum system to create an inert atmosphere (Nitrogen) or to measure at reduced pressure.
- Vacuum pump:                    Rotary Vane Vacuum pump/Turbo molecular pump
- Valve between pump system and furnace
- Pressure measurement:          CTR 90 1 mbar - 1.10-4 mbar + indicator
- Gas supply:                        One process gas supply connection with valve
Screen shot of High Temperature module (client sensitive areas blacked out here)
Our high temperature systems are so versatile that green or unfired ceramic samples can be tested as shown on the left. In this case a green sample1 was heated in air to a temperature of 1100 ⁰C at a heating rate of 300 ⁰C.h-1. As the sample lost weight due to binder burn out, the resonant frequency increased accordingly. The frequency then increased more dramatically as the sample began to sinter. More typically, the Young's modulus is calculated and plotted as a function of temperature as shown below2.
The variation of Young’s modulus with temperature in (a, b) as-received and (c, d) 8-h reduced NiO-8YSZ samples of 600 and 900 µm thicknesses, respectively.
Note: a Buzz-o-sonic high temperature system was used to obtain the frequency and Young's modulus data shown here
1 the sample was provided by Univerzita Konљtantнna Filozofa v Nitre
2 S. Biswas, T. Nithyanantham, N. T. Saraswathi, and S. Bandopadhyay "Evaluation of elastic properties of reduced NiO-8YSZ anode supported bi-layer SOFC structures at elevated temperatures in ambient air and reducing environments," J Mater Sci 44 778-–785 (2009)


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