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  TEKS ISO-Kinetic Rehabilitation System

TEKS ISO-Kinetic Rehabilitation System

TEKS ISO-MED is a multi-functional ISO-Kinetic rehabilitation testing system with exercise protocol. It provides rehabilitation professionals around the world with ideal ISO-Kinetic testing, monitoring and rehabilitating equipment to regenerate injured muscle tissue and effectively improve performance. The rehabilitative aspect of resistance training Movement will aid in the healing process of connective tissue, only if that movement generates sufficiently controlled stress which promotes correct alignment of collagen fibers and not the continual breakdown of fibers as they are laid down. This will result in a smaller but stronger scar and reduce the incidence of unwanted adhesions occurring. Movement will also promote the release of synovial fluid in the joint thus decreasing the chance of adhesions within the joint and that condition known as joint Gumming. The benefits of hydraulic resistance training for safe injury rehabilitation have been known and utilized for some time. The accommodative nature of hydraulic resistance allows the bodys own pain/reflex feedback mechanism to control the amount of stress placed on healing structures. Hydraulics removes the end point loading which is associated with anti-gravity resistance mechanisms. Where there is an impending directional change there is a moment in which the weight is decelerated, held isometrically, then re-accelerated eccentrically. This point quite often coincides with the mechanical disadvantage and if movement becomes ballistic in nature then the deceleration forces are transferred onto the ligaments which control range of motion. Because hydraulic resistance is dependent on movement or resistance, at the end point there is no movement, therefore no resistance, just smooth deceleration and smooth acceleration.


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