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NS-TAS Nanosecond Transient Absorption Spectrometer System


• Complete and Fully automated system for transient absorption measurements in nanosecond , microsecond and millisecond time domain

• Reliably and accurately measure transient absorption

• Broad Spectral range UV-NIR

• Adjustable spectral resolution



• All optics and mechanics for transient absorption measurement sin UV-VIS and NIR spectral ranges

• Integrated compact short-pulse laser with built-in second, third,and fourth harmonic .for sample excitation

• pulsed, high-intensity 450W Xenon lamp

• Sample chamber with excitation and probe light delivery optics

• Sample holder for standard liquid sample cells , solid samples and thin films


Optical :

• Spectral range: 200 – 850nm

• Sensitivity 0.002RMS (single shot) ,

• Monochromator type: Czerny-Turner with Triple Grating Turret

• Focal length: 200mm

• Slits 0.1nm to 4 mm (continuously adjustable),

• Gratings: Plane, ruled grating 1800 grooves, 500nm blaze 1.8nm/mm

• Spectral resolution: 0.1nm (depending on grating and slit)

• Options A variety of gratings with 150-2400 grooves/mm,1ptimized from UV to NIR

• Detector type: Photomultiplier with 5 stage dynode chain for high current linearity, <3ns rise time,

• Size and Weight,

Laser head: 363 x 364 x 192mm (15.5kg)

Power supply 363 x 364 x 280 (12.5kg)

Cooling system

Remote control 105 x 175 (0.5kg)

• Power requirements: Single phase, 220 V,50–60 Hz, 750W


VIS-NIR Excitation Extension Option

for NS-TAS Nanosecond Transient Absorption Spectrometer (item1)


• BBO-OPO optical parametric oscillator pumped by 355nm third harmonic output from the nanosecond laser (in item 1)


• Reliable and efficient operation.

• Computer control

• One set of cavity mirrors for total tuning range.

• Compensation beam displacement during tuning.

• Protection of optical crystal from humidity by heating.


• Tuning range

410–690 nm ( signal wave )

715–2300 (idler wave)

• Typical linewidth ≤0.5 nm

• Beam divergence, 5 mrad

• Phasematching : Type I

• Pump radiation conversion efficiency at signalmaximum of tuning curve (at 10 Hz), ≤25%

• Pulse duration (FWHM), 5-6 ns

• Polarization at signal and idler Linear, horizontal

• Size L x W x H, mm (Weight, kg) 380 x 176 x 78 (6.5)



Near–Infrared Detection Extension Option

for NS-TAS Nanosecond Transient Absorption Spectrometer (item1)


• InGaAs detector NIR detector for lifetime measurements with 1.65μm cut-off. Detector assembly includes 2 stage TE cooled InGaAs photodiode and lens focusing optics.


• spectral range: 900nm-1650nm

• cut-off frequency 2MHz (50Ω input impedance)

• detector response width: 100ns (50Ωinput impedance)


Multichannel UV-VIS Camera Detector extension option

for NS-TAS Nanosecond transient absorption spectrometer (item 1)


Andor IStar 320T Gated intensified (ICCD) camera


• USB 2.0 connectivity - Industry-standard plug-and-play, rugged


• TE-cooling to -40ºC - Efficient minimization of CCD dark

current and pixel blemishes.

• Specifications:

• Spectral range: 200 – 850nm

• Minimum Gating Time 3 ns

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