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  High Temperature Heating Plate

High Temperature Heating Plate

The high temperature heating plate can achieve maximum temperature of 600 ° C in 20 minutes. The upper tray is made of titanium with a total area of 280 x 200mm. The total area of the temperature constant zone is 230 * 160mm. The equipment can be placed on a heat sensitive surface due to special heat insulation treatment. The surrounding metal layer keeps the shell at a minimum temperature.

The lid of the insulating heat can be reduced to minimum and heating time is the shortest at any time. In the sealing cover and ࣐ keep in 26 mm gap between hot plate, to ensure the high precision temperature at the same time, to smooth parts of high strength and heat. The whole case is made of stainless steel.

Temperature controller consists of two insert cable connection.

Programmable controller for control of the specific program, including heating stage, the heat preservation and cooling phase.

Input by precise and stable digital correction system, support a variety of thermocouple and thermal resistance specifications, the highest resolution of 0.01 ° C.

AI adopts advanced PID control algorithm, no overshoot, a self-tuning function (AT).

Adopts advanced modular structure, provide abundant output specifications, can meet the needs of various applications, prompt delivery

And easy maintenance.

As many as 30 program can be set, and circulating operation, the operation method of humanized design, easy and easy to use.

Allows the edit operation permissions and interface, form "custom" own instrument.

Universal 100-240 vac input range 24 VDC power supply or switch power supply, and has a variety of panels and installation dimensions for selection.

Anti-jamming performance conforms to under the condition of the harsh industrial electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements.

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