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  CompuGauge Robot Performance Analysis System

CompuGauge Robot Performance Analysis System

In today’s world of flexible automation, end-users and integrators around the world must be able to rely on the performance of their robot when executing various programs and applications. For that purpose, Dynalog developed the CompuGaugeTM Robot Measurement and Performance Analysis System as a tool for both robot manufacturers and their customers to measure, visualize, and analyze the static as well as dynamic performance of their robots. The CompuGauge System achieves extraordinary positional accuracy while maintaining the portability and the affordability that today’s manufacturing environment requires.

Dynalog’s CompuGauge System consists of (1) the Hardware necessary to acquire the measurement data (static points as well as full paths), and (2) the Software necessary to record, visualize, and analyze the acquired measurement data.


Measurement Hardware

While the CompuGauge System is fully compatible with a variety of generic 3D or 6DOF measurement devices (e.g. the FARO laser tracker), it comes with its own standard Measurement Hardware. The standard CompuGauge hardware is based on the simplicity of measurement cable technology, combined with numerous advances in electronics as well as mechanics. High resolution, low inertia optical encoders are used to constantly measure the extension of the measurement cables; the low mass cables operate with less tension than a dial indicator; the unique measurement attachment device mounted to the robot flange allows for movement of the robot in six degrees of freedom (6DOF) while measuring the x,y,z position (optionally also the orientation) with high accuracy based on the redundant information furnished by the four measured cable extensions.

Thanks to its intrinsically simple design, the standard CompuGauge measurement hardware is easily setup and ready to go in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the System does not require the use of a dedicated, stand-alone, bulky controller. Instead,  a compact data collection unit allows the measurement hardware to be connected directly to any standard PC or laptop computer through the use of the latest USB port technology. Several digital inputs and outputs are also available through the data collection unit, allowing the obtained measurement data to be synchronized with any outside signals and sources, for example a spot weld gun or sealant equipment.


Measurement, Viewing, and Analysis Software

The WindowsTM-based software operating the CompuGauge System consists of three distinct modules that can be accessed simultaneously or separately:

(1) On-line Measurement. This module allows the operator to manually or automatically record the robot’s 6DOF position (x,y,z as well as orientation whenever available) statically as well as dynamically;

(2) Off-line Viewing. This module offers the ability to visually inspect the recorded robot positions and paths in many different ways.

(3) Analysis. This module contains a series of tests which can be performed on the recorded data to verify Accuracy, Repeatability, Cornering, Warm-Up Drift, etc. These tests include both of the internationally recognized standards: ISO 9283  and ANSI/RIA R15.05-1/2.


The CompuGauge software also offers various tools and features: the coordinate frame of the CompuGauge System can easily be aligned with the robot’s base frame; measured robot paths and points can be zoomed in and out of, as well as fully rotated and translated in 3D space, offering visualization from any perspective; curve and data fitting tools are provided; cursors can be placed along different paths in order to quickly determine deviations, both in space and in time; etc.


Standard Measurement Hardware(1)


Performance: resolution(2): <0.01 mm

repeatability(2): <0.02 mm

volumetric accuracy(2): 0.150 mm

measurement space: 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m

sampling frequency: up to 1000 Hz

tracking rate: up to 5,000 mm/sec

data range: up to 32,000 points/file

Mechanical: dimensions: 1730 mm x 165mm x 165 mm

weight (per beam): 7kg

Environmental: operating temperature: 22 ± 3°C


(1) The CompuGauge system is compatible with other 3D or 6DOF measurement devices (e.g. the FARO Laser Tracker).

(2) Optional Hi-Definition encoders provide even better performance - consult Dynalog, Inc. for more information.



System Requirements

Hardware: IBM-compatible PC with 4 MB RAM min.  

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP or VISTA 

Interface: USB 1.0 OR 2.0


Measurement and Viewing Features

Real time, graphical representation of the robot path (including Cartesian coordinates)

Measurement of pose (static position) of the robot

Measurement of path (dynamic position) of the robot

Coordinate frame alignment

View and zoom analysis

(to increments as small as 0.001 mm on the viewing screen)

Display of velocity and acceleration along the robot path

Data export and import (in easy to read ASCII format)

Digital I/O’s that trigger measurement and identify events along the robot path

Automatic measurement mode (start/stop with the robot’s motion)

Many additional features!...


Performance Analysis Features

Pose performance analysis (ISO 9283 and ANSI/RIA R15.05-1): pose accuracy and repeatability; overshoot and settling time; cycle time; compliance; and warm-up drift

Path performance analysis (ISO 9283 and ANSI/RIA R15.05-2):

path accuracy and repeatability; velocity; and cornering

Simulation of robot programmed poses and paths

Analysis of “non-standard” characteristics (e.g. performance of RRS and RCS simulation modules, etc.)


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